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While nurturing passion at a young age may be an arduous endeavor, it is worth the effort. In order to do so, students need to be exposed to extracurriculars at an early age. Aas scientists have shown that these likings are developed in children between 5 and 9 years. STEMshala was founded on this very premise – to expose kids to subjects in the field of STEM at an early age and instill a passion and understanding for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through robotics, coding, animation, electronics, Arduino/ raspberry pi, game development, etc.
STEMshala founders Ripujeet and Archana first saw this passion missing within their own children. After much research and investigation, they realized that the public school system needed support. It needed enrichment that is able to cover the STEM bases for elementary and middle schools. Here at STEMshala, we provide students with foundations of math and science that are so vital to their future, while simultaneously using the building blocks of STEM to encourage a passion for engineering and technology.

STEMshala provides these services with online classes throughout the United States and on-site through their centers in Naperville/Aurora and Illinois. Online, students can expect to learn about coding, gaming, animation, mathematics, and science through fun, engaging, and interactive classes with our teachers. On-site, students have the opportunity to learn about all the topics mentioned above as well as robotics and electronics. STEMshala offers online camps and on-site after school and weekend classes. Additionally, STEMshala hosts weekend club programs like the First Lego League. Children that are part of First Lego League learn hard skills like engineering, programming, scientific thinking, and problem solving, but also soft skills like teamwork, presentation, collaboration and time management – all while playing with Legos! 

In addition to this, we employ well-rounded enrichment in our programs, teaching students about robotics, coding, math, etc. while also exercising their skills in team-building, problem-solving, and critical-thinking. In order for students to feel encouraged to pursue their passions, we make sure our activities are packed with fun and engaging content, and we make sure that we teach our students visually and with hands-on engagement. We pride ourselves on this curriculum, which allows students to not only explore their passions freely, but learn from their mistakes on the way (another aspect of enrichment that we endorse!)

Children are like flowers: if they are given the proper nutrients to grow in a supporting and exposed environment, they will be able to flourish in their passions later on in life. We believe that our job here at STEMShala is to provide children with the tools to do so, and encourage them to pursue their dreams and truly achieve them in the future!