First Lego League

AGE: 9 – 16
DURATION – 60+ Hours
SKILL LEVEL : Challenge

First Lego League Challenge RePlay

FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams prepare all season to compete at regional tournaments, where judges provide valuable feedback on their robot, code, and invention. The final test of their work comes at the Robot Game table, where they race against the clock for a personal best score and the chance to advance to a local championship. Some teams earn an invitation to FIRST Championship, where teams from all over the world meet and compete. FIRST LEGO League Challenge event timelines and registration process vary by region.

First Lego League Explore

FIRST LEGO League Explore events provide an opportunity for teams to showcase their work, meet other teams, and celebrate. An event can be as simple as a meeting of a team, families, and friends to share what was learned during the season. Larger events offer teams an opportunity to share and learn from one another. Some teams are invited to showcase their work at the FIRST Championship, where teams from all over the world meet, share ideas, and have fun. Due to the non-competitive nature of FIRST LEGO League Explore, teams may attend more than one season event depending on the events scheduled in their area.

AGE: 6 – 10
DURATION – 20+ Hours

AGE: 4 – 6
DURATION – 20+ Hours
SKILL LEVEL : Discover

First Lego League Discover

FIRST LEGO League Discover closes with an in-school celebration event, where students work with other teams to solve a final collaborative challenge, demonstrating for friends and family the skills and concepts they’ve learned.