Singapore Science Curriculum

Earlybird Start-Up Science

Is A Series Specially Designed For 7-8 Year-Olds. This Series Opens The Door To The Challenging World Of Scientific Discovery And Aims At Introducing Young Learners To Scientific Concepts. Simple Explanations Of Concepts Are Charmingly Explained And Reinforced Along With Interesting Activities And Experiments That Follow.

Start-Up Science 1

Living and Non-Living Things

Classify things as living or nonliving

Develop criteria for living or nonliving

Develop criteria for living or nonliving.

Example of living and non-living things.

The Human Body

How our blood movies around in body?

How the food we eat turns into nutrients?

How our muscles allow us to walk and run?

How bones makeup skeleton in our body?

How messages are circulated in our body?

Animal Families

Male or Female?

Animals of the Past

Disappearing Wildlife

Animal Homes

Young Animal

Young Animal



How seeds are spread

Where Do They Grow

Animal Homes

Growing Seeds

Start-Up Science 2


Is It Magnetic?

How Strong is Your Magnet?

Uses At Home

Making a Magnet

Making A Magnet Game


North and South Pole

Finding Your Way

Making your Own Compass

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