About Us


Our mission

  • To deliver the most effective and efficient mix of curriculum, methodology, material and teachers to prepare children for the 21st century at an affordable price.
  • Strengthening education to increase American competitiveness and prepare our children to meet the challenges of the changing world.
  • A program to promote scientifically based research and promising practices to improve subject matter (math, science, technology etc.) understanding and comfort.
  • This prepares students for more rigorous math and science and other STEM courses in later grades.
  • Diagnose the deficiency of students who lack subject proficiency and provide intensive, scientifically based intervention to enable them to improve their understanding.
A Parents vision to nurture the passion for his boys in the Stem field
Having Travelled the Globe and seen the world, Ripujeet and Archana knows the importance of application/project based learning and the importance of building early foundation therefore they decided to open an Enrichment center in Aurora area focused primarily on bringing the latest technologies in the hands of kids to spark a passion in the stem field.
Team work helped his son to get passionate about robotics, cloud computing and coding
Every weekend Ripujeet and his son worked together on multiple projects using Lego Robotics , Raspberry Pi, Arduino and voice recognition software in combination with Python coding, enabling his son to master the application based learning. They gathered team of neighbors and friends to collaborate and share their projects to impart their knowledge to other young minds.
Inspired from their son and team's success, Ripujeet and Archana decided to open on site center
Inspired from his son and his team’s success, brought the vision to Ripujeet to share the same passion for others kids ages 6 to 16.
STEMshala’s goal is to bring the latest technologies in the hands-of kids and teens and spark a passion for a future career in a STEM field.


Visual advantage

Our programs offer that visual connection.

Visually seeing other kids and thier teachers in a vital and motivating part of effective learning. We maximize hte benefits of this unique element of our program.

  • Visual Connection
  • Effective Learning
  • Unique Element

Evaluation Advantage

Our students receive a 3 stage evaluation

Entry stage to assess placement level, intermediate stage to assess progress, and graduation stage to assess actual growth.

  • Entry Stage
  • Intermediate Stage
  • Graduation Stage

Affordability Advantage

We pass this advantage to our customers by keeping our.

Wise use of technology and group teaching makes us more competitive than other similar programs

  • Technology
  • Group Teaching
  • Advantage


We wanted to create a virtual campus

Where teachers and students could see , hear and interact with each other as if they were face to face and yet not need to leave the confort of their homes.

  • Virtual Campus
  • Attract with others
  • Comfort homes

Methodology Advantage

We design lessons that are well scripted and well organized

That use multiple approachdes to illustrating the principles or ideas being taught, lesson are coherent, and oriented towards problem solving

  • Lesson
  • Ideas
  • Principles

Teacher Advantage

Our teachers are really Learning Facilitators

They facilitate learning through self discovery by igniting, challening, questioning and explaining in a story form the true meaning of the fundamentals which will drive student to discover logic and critical thinking skills.

  • Facilitate learning
  • Challenges
  • Thinking Skills

Our Team

Ripujeet Sharma


Having traveled the globe and seen the world, Ripujeet knows the importance of a good education. In 2005, he realized that his boys were not doing well in school so he began a quest to find out why and how. What he discovered was surprising-there was a gap between what children can learn and what is taught to them.His research led him to supplement his children’s education with Singapore math for 2 years. He had spectacular results. Both his children now love math and are solving challenging problems with ease. This was the beginning of his dream to share the same spectacular results with the rest of the world. Hence cybershala.com was born. Cybershala.com truly empowers children by providing “alternate curriculum” that are the best the world has to offer. Ripujeet is an Engineer and Masters of Business by qualification. For nearly 15 years, he provided IT consulting to a variety of different Fortune 500 companies.

Archana Sharma


With a background in science and 12 years of nursing experience, Archana was instrumental in the design of cybershala.com and its teaching approach. Strongly advocating that “Education is the best gift parents can give their children,” she has committed herself to bringing the fruits of better education to families.

Ray Tenebruso


Ray Tenebruso has taught mathematics using the Singapore curriculum since 2001. He has the unusual experience of having taught mathematics at all grade levels from four through twelve. Based on this experience, he notes “In the higher grades, success seems to come more naturally to those students who have had Singapore mathematics in the early grades than to those who have not.” In addition to teaching mathematics, Mr. Tenebruso has advised schools throughout the United States on implementing Singapore mathematics and has been featured at teacher training workshops on Singapore mathematics.

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