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Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically miniature computers. They can run simple software programs. They require less power and can be powered for days but are powerful enough to process data much faster than any human. Arduino is a company in Italy that designs and sells circuit boards that make microcontrollers easy to use. They call it Arduino. Arduino can be used to control motors, lighting, cameras and even simple robots. By now you’re probably thinking Arduino is just a circuit to control basic things, however, there is more, there is also an Arduino software development environment and this is what makes Arduino better than other microcontrollers. Arduino also created a programming language that lets you configure all the Arduino hardware in the same way. The Arduino software is by far one of the easiest programming experiences you will ever have.
Age Group: 7– 12
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Beginner

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a precious tool for kids that can be used as a great introduction to the world of programming and coding. Just from plugging Raspberry Pi into their computer, children can learn a lot about coding. Starting, this way, to walk through an exciting path of knowledge and challenges. With this tool, they can install multiple programs and files, predict the weather, create video games, play video games and even take pictures and videos, just to mention a few things kids can do with Raspberry Pi. Also, they can learn the basics of coding and programming. Children will be able to build a computer and have the thrill of using a computer they built and coded themselves. This is as exciting as programming a virtual robot within an online learning environment.
Age Group: 6– 12
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Intermediate