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Live Interactive, Engaging Experience

Our virtual STEM camps gives student to build

  • Build new skills
  • Bond with friends online
  • Get into a structured schedule
  • Focus on something constructive

Online Programs


STEM Programs – Convenience for your Kids

Analytical thinking

Analysing different scenarios while developing games and apps

Design thinking

Imagining a virtual scenario and creating a digital equivalent

Computational thinking

Analysing complex problems and solutioning through coding

Live experienced instructors, structured lesson plans suitable for all skill levels, a way to keep your camper connected, and have some fun.

STEMshala Virtual Camps is the ultimate camp experience in education and fun. Whether learning to write code, animate, develop games, and Robotics, your kids will love sharing in the confidence-boosting experience of creating with technology as they explore and develop their multimedia STEM skills in our virtual camp format.

Our virtual camps guide our students to discover the possibilities of STEM, challenging each individual to achieve his or her full potential. Our camps are well-known and of the highest quality, and offered at an affordable price. Sign up for our one of a kind Online STEM Camps and learn a new skill, inspire a new passion, have fun, and make friends in the process.

Customized Curriculum

Our curriculum is not only fun, but is also extensive, covering robotics, coding, and design-thinking in a highly supported license format that comes with the option of professional development so we can ensure program success. We help teachers lead students in a blended learning model through each step in programming, app development, game development, and engineering and design-thinking.