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Online Programs - Math

Math Olympiad Club

Math Olympiad is Math Challenging Problem Solving Contest for kids in grades 4 – 8.
The highlights for students are the five monthly contests, administered from November through March.
It is a great after-school/ weekend program which stimulates enthusiasm and a love for math, introduces deeper understanding of mathematical concepts while providing joy, and the thrill of meeting challenges of solving application based word problems in math.

Mathematical Olympiad is an enriching activity to strengthen problem-solving skills of Elementary and Middle School studentts. In addition, it builds a good foundation and prepares students for their success in future High School math competitions..

Age Group: 9 – 12
Skill Level Beginner

Challenging Problem Solving

Problem-solving is the foundation of a young kid’s learning. It should be valued, fostered, and maintained in the childhood classroom. Problem-solving opportunities occur in the everyday context of a kid’s life. By closely observing the kids, teachers can use the kid’s social, cognitive, movement, and emotional experiences to solve problems and promote useful strategies throughout the lifelong process of learning.

Age Group: 9 – 12
Skill Level Advance

Math Grade K-12

Math Olympiad competition aims to arouse interest in mathematics and improve the mathematical skills of the participants through team-based competitions. They exist nationally and internationally for students in grades 4 through 12. The most prestigious of these competitions is the International Mathematical Olympiad, in which high school students from over 100 countries compete annually.

Age Group: 9 – 12
Skill Level Beginner