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Science, directly and indirectly, affects all aspects of everyday life. The food we eat, what we see, what we feel, and what comes in the way around us is science. When we start looking at all the opportunities to understand and learn from all of this, the connection between science and critical-thinking skills becomes perfectly clear.
If we talk about kids, science helps in shaping their development. As they learn to ask questions, make predictions, observe, test, and then communicate their findings, they are developing critical science skills.

Our Courses

Hands-on Science

Age Group 10-16

Science Grade K-12

Age Group 10-16

Science League

Age Group 10-16

How We Do?


Our science is bursting for the kids section with incredible science facts about how our world works.


Your child will discover some incredible mysteries, terrifying theories, and discover experiments in our learning.


We have created great STEM ideas for lesson plans for the classroom.