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Weekend Math Club

Let’s Build Bright Futures Together!

Math Olympiad Club

Math Olympiad competition aims to arouse interest in mathematics and improve the mathematical skills of the participants through team-based competitions. They exist nationally and internationally for students in grades 4 through 12. The most prestigious of these competitions is the International Mathematical Olympiad, in which high school students from over 100 countries compete annually.

Age Group: 9 – 12
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Beginner

Challenging Problem Solving

Problem-solving is the foundation of a young kid’s learning. It should be valued, fostered, and maintained in the childhood classroom. Problem-solving opportunities occur in the everyday context of a kid’s life. By closely observing the kids, teachers can use the kid’s social, cognitive, movement, and emotional experiences to solve problems and promote useful strategies throughout the lifelong process of learning.

Age Group: 9 – 12
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Advance