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After School Enrichment Coding Club

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Python Basic

The introduction of Python is for kids. Kids begin by learning about coding basics such as variables, loops, and if / then statements. From there, they progress to working with graphics and eventually creating games.

Age Group: 10 – 16
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Beginner

Python Intermediate

Learn is a comprehensive Python Fundamental course from StemShalla, a pioneer in online coding education with a very popular platform. Students complete a series of interactive lessons in an online coding environment that provides quick feedback.
This curriculum is not specifically designed for Kids, but this lesson should be suitable for some intermediate students.

Age Group: 10– 16
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Intermediate

Python Advanced

The best way to get started with learning the advanced stages of programming in Python is definitely to start working with libraries that support Python.
The number of libraries is ‘n’ which you can use when coding in Python. Some are very easy and straightforward while some may take some time to understand and master.

Age Group: 10– 16
Duration 10 Hour
Skill Level Advance