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Online Programs - Coding

Python Basic

Python is one of the most popular languages used today. Over time, Python can be used for almost anything including apps, websites, robotics, games, and so much more! It is a great coding language for kids and teens to learn.

At this level, kids are introduced to the world of Python programming language. They begin by learning about coding basics such as variables, loops, if / then statements and more.
From printing text, program evolve into common calculations, variables, inputting text and numbers, generating random numbers (to amusing effects kids will appreciate), lists, functions, and more.

Age Group: 10 – 16
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Beginner

Python Intermediate

Python is a programming language that’s powerful yet easy to read, making it a great first language to learn. From web development to machine learning to data science — Python can do it all.

This intermediate Python course builds upon the topics learnt from basic Python, to accomplish more complex and difficult tasks from building Modules from scratch to constructing and using custom classes. Students will learn to make the most of Python’s object orientation, and set themselves up for advanced applications.

Age Group: 10– 16
Duration 8 Hour
Skill Level Intermediate

Python Advanced

Not only can Python classes for kids teach fundamental programming principles, but they also lay a strong foundation for tackling more advanced topics like algorithms, data structures, machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence.

Our facilitators will help kids to develop more robust programming proficiency by developing knowledge and use of advanced strings & expressions, file IO’s and data structures applied within challenge-focused environments.

Age Group: 10– 16
Duration 10 Hour
Skill Level Advance