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Does it matter if my child has different curriculum in school and learns a different one with STMEshala.com?

No! It really does not matter. Scholars, academicians and researchers have long believed that children should learn to solve problems in multiple ways to truly master those concepts.The topics covered will generally be the same in most every curriculum However, it is the methodology and the way concepts are presented in a fun and interactive manner that make this program unique. Moreover, learning to solve in multiple ways gives students a deeper understanding of the subject, enabling them to think outside the box. With our program, your child will learn at a deeper level of understanding that will provide a solid foundation for higher grades. They will truly achieve extraordinary results, similar is the case for science, technology & engineering

Why is a teacher called a Learning Facilitator?
Discoveries that children make and the answers to the questions that they ask immediately become part of their model of the world around them. Therefore, we have re-defined our role from that of “teachers” to that “Learning Facilitators.” Our Learning Facilitators are trained in the art of teaching through self discovery. The more we expect from and the more we challenge our children, the more they learn. Learning Facilitators aspire to be well informed guides, explaining details when necessary, but more typically asking children to generate their own solutions and calling on students to evaluate the accuracy or relevance of an answer. They spend little time lecturing.
What other curriculum will be taught at STMEshala.com in future?

At STMEshala.com, our mission is to bring the world’s best, most proven curriculum to American students to increase their competitiveness and provide them with skills for success in the 21st century. In future, we will be focusing our efforts on English and technology for elementary, middle and high school. We truly believe that the earlier children are exposed to the best, the better and easier their future will be.

How will my child be grouped into a class?
After you have indicated your preferred schedule we will try to group your child with other students according to similar aptitude and level. This can be gauged by the results of the Placement Test and from a brief assessment with our counselor.
What happens if I miss a lesson? Will my fees for that lesson be refunded or will there be a make up lesson?

If you have given at least 24 hours of notice of cancellation via email, our Customer Support team will help to schedule another lesson with another class. This is, however, subject to availability. If another class session is not available, our dedicated tutor will usually make arrangements to meet up with the student for a short private session to cover the missed lesson. Prepaid program fees are non-refundable.

Please note: STEMshala.com members will have access to our exhaustive library where, in addition to many other documents, recorded lessons will be kept for students and parents. These lessons are a great way to review missed material or to revisit lessons for further review.

What are the hardware/software requirements?
Unlike other programs, you do not need to install any complicated software to access our user-friendly virtual classroom.

All you need is a computer with Windows based or Mac operating system and a good Internet connection speed of at least 128k (although we recommend a broadband/cable connection) to login to the classroom from our Website.

You will also need a headset so that tutors and students can communicate verbally. In addition webcam is preferred so that the teachers can see the child at the time of the class .

What payment methods do you accept?
To make it as convenient for you as possible, we currently accept online credit card payments via Master card, Visa and Pay pal.
Why do we offer courses beginning in the 1st grade?
We believe children less than 6 years old should not be sent for formal training. For this age group, parents should focus on developing their social skills and getting comfortable around other kids and adults.