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Have you ever thought how complicated it is for your child while playing with blocks and watching them fall repeatedly, and still trying to build the next taller tower? Or your child who always plays with flour, rolling the clay in different shapes and molds. Creating objects from your imagination, they come to you and “Mother, look!” I made a dinosaur! “Even if it doesn’t look like you are far away.

Chances are you have an engineer kid at home! Most of the children naturally start as curious, trying to unravel the mysteries of the world around them. And as they get older, either this curiosity fades or becomes insensitive. With a little direction and the right attitude, parents can very well put this natural spontaneous adventurer in their children.

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Age Group 7-12


Age Group 6-12

How We Do?


We will include your child’s hands and mind in the program together.


Our experiments encourage teamwork, critical thinking skills and an early love for courses.

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We have implemented every course in a fun and engaging way, we do everything together.